ASH and CFSI are companies whose Principals combine to bring together their individual and collective experience to over a century in investment real estate, located primarily in Winnipeg.

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Grant Stevenson CPM, CMOC, CRP Principal

Mr. Stevenson has achieved the Certified Property Manager designation along with the Certified Manager of Condominiums and Certified Reserve Planner. In addition, Mr. Stevenson is a licensed Broker in the Province of Manitoba.

Further, Mr. Stevenson

Mark N. Uddin CPM, B. Admin Principal

Mr. Uddin has achieved the Bachelor of Business Administration along with the Certified Property Manager designation. Mr. Uddin has in excess of twenty years experience in property management which includes both commercial and residential properties

Jack S. Hurtig Associate Broker, B.A., B. Admin Vice-President, Real Estate Brokerage

Since 1993, Mr. Hurtig has been actively involved in all aspects of commercial real estate brokerage. Mr. Hurtig joined ASH in 1998 and is responsible for the commercial brokerage functions of the company.

Mr. Hurtig is Past President of the Asper

Donald McFeely C.A. (retired)

Mr. McFeely, a former partner of the international firm, Laventhol & Horwath, is presently the Chief Financial Officer of the Berney Group of Companies.

Robert F. Shaer Principal (retired)

Mr. Shaer has held various positions with major real estate developers across Canada, specializing in financing and asset positioning. Current activities with ASH and CFSI include asset/property management, financial structuring and project feasibility analyses

Sheldon Berney Principal (retired)

Mr. Berney, the Chief Executive Officer of the Berney Group of Companies which is affiliated with ASH and CFSI, has extensive experience in the management of a portfolio of industrial /commercial properties.

Further, Mr. Berney is a Past President

Lawrence M. Hurtig Principal (deceased)

Mr. Hurtig was both a former partner of the international accounting firm, Laventhol & Horwath, and a Senior Vice-President of Finance with an international real estate development/syndication company involved in the development of over one hundred properties.