How to Apply for a Unit?

To apply, will need to submit:

*Note: All forms are available in our website

  1. A completed Application for Tenancy Application Form; sign and date the bottom and initial the back page.
  2. Copy of government issued ID such as driver’s license, passport, PR card, etc. If you are here on a visa or permit, please include a copy of the permit.
  3. Employment verification form and/or letter of employment with contact information
  4. Landlord Reference form with contact information
  5. 3 month bank statements
  6. Security Deposit -The amount of security deposit equals half the rent and parking if you choose to use parking. The security deposit must be made by cheque or money order payable to ASH MANAGEMENT GROUP INC.
  7. * if applicable to you: Student enrollment / Proof of Rent Assistance / Budget letter

Once all forms are submitted, we will conduct the necessary due diligence, including checking credit history.

Many students and first time renters or applicants with limited income or poor credit will require a guarantor to secure their application. The Guarantor Agreement Form can be obtained in our website. Ensure it is signed and dated on the front and the back.

  • A guarantor must be in Canada currently and have a strong enough income and credit score to support themselves and the applicant.
  • Copy of Guarantor’s ID
  • Employment verification
  • Recent Bank statement
  • We will also check their credit history


  • We will not hold a suite without completed application and security deposit.
  • If the applicant changes their mind after approval, they forfeit the security deposit.

Do I have to purchase tenant insurance?

Tenant Insurance can protect you in the event of a fire, flood, or any other disaster that will ultimately cause you to have sustained a loss. Rental insurance protects you in two ways:

  1. Contents Insurance for Personal Possessions: This insures the actual cash value or the replacement cost of your possessions.
  1.  Personal Liability Coverage: This covers claims made against you due to damages or injury in your unit. The minimum amount of Personal Liability Coverage should be $1,000,000.00.

Tenant insurance is very affordable and is something that is very important in the event of an emergency. We urge all tenants to look into this and make sure that they are adequately covered.

How to Pay Rent- Payment Methods


Rent is due on the 1st day of each month. Late rent is subject to forfeit of rental discount and late fees.


Option 1: Pre-Authorized Rent Payment –fill out PAD form; include void cheque

Option 2: Cheque or Money Order – drop box available at our head office.

Option 3: Debit Transaction – debit machine available at our head office.

Option 4: Tenant Pay

  1. Online from your Bank or Credit Union

1.            Login to your bank or credit union's online banking website or app

2.            Go to Pay bills

3.            Add payee, search TENANT, add TENANTPAY

4.            Enter 14 digit TENANTPAY number as the Account Number

5.            Pay Bill and select TENANTPAY

6.            Enter$ Amount

7.            Complete payment and receive confirmation number from your bank or credit union

There is no fee charged to the tenant by TenantPay when this payment method is used. The Property Manager receives the payment made by the Tenant.

  1. In-person at your Bank or Credit Union's branch or by telephone banking or at a MoneMart location

Inform the customer service representative that you would like to make a bill payment to TENANTPAY and provide your 14 digit TENANTPAY number as the Account Number.

Note: Service fees may apply.

How to Sublet?

Sublet steps:

  1. Complete the attached Notice of Assignment FormEmail the signed document to
  2. Pay $75 sublet fee
  3. Start advertising/ showing your apartment
  4. Send all interested applicants to our head office
  5. Once we have an approved application for your suite, you will be contacted.

As soon as all steps are completed, you can proceed with your moveout arrangements. The security deposit will be returned to you after your moveout has been processed, provided there are no damages or charges on your moveout.

How to apply for parking?

To Apply for parking, accomplish the Parking Stall Agreement form.

Email the signed document to

How to cancel parking?

If you currently have a single parking stall, it must remain in effect until the end of your current lease term. Additional parking can be cancelled with one (1) calendar months’ notice.

To cancel parking, accomplish the Parking Stall Cancellation form.

Email the signed document to

How to add a new tenant to my lease?

To add to the lease, please accomplish/provide the following:

  1. Accomplish the Request to add tenant to lease form
  2. A completed Application for Tenancy Application Form; sign and date the bottom and initial the back page.
  3. Copy of government issued ID such has driver’s license, passport, PR card, etc. If you are here on a visa or permit, please include a copy of the permit.

Email all the abovementioned documents to

How to remove a tenant from my lease?

To remove one lease holder from their existing lease, the tenants must accomplish the Security Deposit Relinquish form.

Email the signed document to

Do you have 55+ buildings?

Yes, below are our 55+ buildings:

  1. Columbus Manor- 303 Goulet Street
  2. 400 Stradbrook
  3. Sek On Toi- 289 Pacific Avenue
    • Rent is based on income and is determined at the time of application.
    • To Apply: Please call 204 947 1705

Manitoba Hydro

Upon move-in call Manitoba Hydro to set up your account.

Helpful links:

    1. New Hydro Customers
    2. Create an account
    3. Sign up for an online account – manage your services from your smartphone
    4. FAQs
    5. Manitoba Hydro Contact
    6. Payment Options

Manitoba Hydro Payment options

Payment Options

  • Pre-authorized Payment Plan: Sign up to have your payment automatically transferred each month to your Manitoba Hydro account.
  • Online banking: You must set up Manitoba Hydro as a bill payee. They do not accept etransfers.
  • At your bank.
  • MoneyGram: All Canada Post locations accept Manitoba Hydro payments for walk-ins by cash or debit. You must have your bill or 14-digit account number for the initial set up.
  • Payment locations: You can pay your bill at certain drug stores, grocery stores, and other businesses.
  • Mail:
    Manitoba Hydro
    PO Box 7900 STN MAIN
    Winnipeg MB R3C 5R1.
  • In Winnipeg:
    • Inter-utility drop boxes: Many City of Winnipeg Water Services offices have inter-utility drop boxes. Drop your cheque or money order (no cash) along with the return portion of your bill or your full account number, and they will forward it to us.
  • Equal Payment Plan: sign up to pay your electricity and/or natural gas bills in equal monthly instalments.

They do not accept credit card payments, etransfers, or payments over the phone.

How much are late fees?

Per RTB, a tenant is responsible to pay the landlord the full rent on the day the rent is due. If the rent is not paid on time, the landlord may charge the tenant a late payment fee. A landlord may charge a late payment fee of:

  • up to $10.00 for the day the rent was due; and
  • up to $2.00 for each day after the due date that the rent is late in any consecutive number of rental payment periods, to a maximum of $100.00

When a landlord charges a lat payment fee, teh tenant must pay the daily rate:

  • up to and including the day they actually pay the rent in full; or
  • the fee reaches the $100.00 maximum.

What are Residential Tenants responsible for?

  • Pay the rent on time every time.
  • Keep the premises and the surrounding area clean and in good condition.
  • Keep noise to a level that will not disturb you neighbours.
  • Repair any damage occurring to the apartment through the fault of the tenant, family members or guests. Notify Property Manager at once of major damage.
  • Give the Property Manager permission to enter the apartment at reasonable times and with advance notice to inspect it or to make any necessary repairs.
  • Notify the Property Manager of any anticipated prolonged absence from the apartment.
  • When moving out, give Property Manager proper advance notice. Be sure that the apartment is in the same condition as when the tenant moved in and return the key to the Property Manager promptly.
  • Notify the Property Manager immediately if the apartment needs repair. If notification is neglected, the tenant may be charged for the additional damage as a result of not reporting the matter.
  • Promptly pay for all utilities that the Property Manager does not otherwise agree to pay for.
  • See your tenancy agreement for specific details that you agreed to by signing the contract.